Fugazzz manifesto

Knowing where we are headed

What makes us unique cannot be the same as what makes everyone else unique. We must feel represented by what we are and the family we form part of. We must also be aware of our differentiating values and goals.

Feeling free

We should be able to openly discuss our ideas, worries and concerns. This makes us more transparent and eliminates barriers to creativity. A single idea can serve as a trampoline to reach our intended destination. We work side by side in a small team, so we should not feel intimidated or restricted.

Being meticulous and consistent

We are lucky to work on something that inspires and motivates us. We value a job well done. We don’t mind spending whatever time is needed to create excellent results. If we believe that we can merge two seemingly disconnected elements, we will do so. We prefer to work on a small number of projects that we truly feel proud of than to delve into many initiatives without being able to contribute everything we have to offer.

Feeling self-confident

To share our philosophy and vision with others, we must believe in what we do. Self-confidence is an essential ingredient for strong teams. We all have a great deal to learn, and this will always be the case. It is important to have willingness and a good attitude. Being curious and ambitious in our work can help us grow and be proud of what we create.

Being good people

Recognising the hard work and success of our colleagues makes us better people. It is also great to praise the work of others when we are impressed by it. We love having an ever-growing list of friends and partners. The people we choose for our inner circle says a lot about us, and we are proud that they define us so well. Having excellent role models has paved the way for us to become what we are today.

Making mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but what is great about this is being able to learn from them. It may sound obvious, but it is important to assume certain errors that will undoubtedly drive our growth. When working in a team, mistakes can be shared. It is not necessary to assign blame when something happens. In fact, it is highly probable that we are all involved.

Saying no

Accepting every single project does not make us better. We must understand where it is we come from and where we are headed. Regardless of the situation, we must remain true to our business model, even if this means not forming part of certain initiatives. If a project is not a good fit in our universe and our values, or if we do not have enough time to do a good job, then we should not feel guilty for saying ‘no’.

Sticking to our business hours

As much as we love what we do, it is also important to have free time for other activities we love, such as jogging, yoga, English lessons or sushi dinners.

Continuing education

Regardless of our academic credentials, we must never stop learning. Continuous improvement will enable us to leave behind our fears as well as to grow on a personal and professional level. Taking courses is good for our CV and even better for our own experience. No matter how multifaceted we are, it is important to learn from everyone on our team. Every day, we sit next to colleagues who have different profiles and much to teach us.

Staying up to date

In order to be innovative in every step we take, we must stay on top of the latest industry advances. For this reason, we spend a few minutes every day learning about trends, viewing a Ted Talk or integrating a new methodology in our work plan. We also love discovering new tools, trying them out and being amazed on a daily basis.

Always moving

Everyone benefits from spending time outside of the office, whether to find inspiration at a local coffee shop or to learn from everything that surrounds us. It is important to keep moving and to build relationships with industry partners, clients and people with whom we would never have imagined. Our calendar should always include an upcoming trade show, industry event or workshop. In other words, we must get out of the office so we can return with a new mindset.

Building our team

We work as a team at the office and sometimes also in more casual settings. A quick getaway to the countryside or meeting up for beers after work is always a great idea. With this in mind, we suggest making plans that help us grow as a team.


Although it may seem obvious, we should remember that despite our varying degrees of superpowers, at the end of the day, we are simply people. Our personal life will always be more important than our job. So when faced with a problem that we need to discuss with our co-workers, we should simply speak up. Not only does this make us colleagues, it makes us friends. And everything is always better with friends.

Creating a cool environment

Inspiration should go hand in hand with good music. When we feel comfortable at work, we come up with more and better ideas. We water our cactus plants when needed and go out on the balcony on sunny days. We even sing (quietly) if we are in the mood, without disturbing our officemates, of course.

Planning a soiree

If a Nobel prize winner failed to share their accomplishment, this recognition would lose some of its prestige. The same applies to our success. We should celebrate all the good things that come our way, big or small, because we have worked hard for them.

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