The content generated in the last few years is the equivalent
to thousands of years' worth.

We receive more stimulus and
connections than ever before
and that's
reflected in the way we relate to them too.
Our brain is designed to be able to relate
with around 150 people. Something
similar happens with the way that we
consume content.


Content is increasingly visual, interactive
and momentary. We look for content,
we visualise it and when it fades, we are
left thinking about it.

As content creators, we are immersed
in visual culture; we create experiences
that users, the centre of every communication strategy, do not forget easily.

"We create
content that dazzle.

We create
momentarily infinite content"


At Fugazzz, our content tells stories that shine. For some time now,
we have known that two-thirds of our daily conversations are stories.
We are predetermined to consume them to remember them and
love them. We are experts in telling stories.


Fugazzz content grabs attention. Emotional decision-making is up to 250 times faster than rational decision-making. That's why we remember what we see and hear, but it’s content that makes us feel something that is the most memorable.


At Fugazzz, we make content that stay on people's minds.
Thanks to movement, design and the power of storytelling,
our content shines bright in a star-filled sky.