We live in a fast-paced world. We receive more stimuli and connections than ever. With all this noise, we feel the need to find shelter from everything that takes place around us.

Up until now, we have helped clients reach their goals by analysing trends, coming up with new ideas and creating content. We now want to shine more than ever.

We have learned that

It is important to evolve without losing sight of what we have built.
However, it is more important to change at the right time.

What makes us unique cannot be the same as what makes everyone else unique.

We are made of stories,
and also of experiences.

This is why we create unforgettable stories and experiences using visual content to communicate. We do not fear fleeting moments. We believe in the content we retain and the things we remember thanks to the power of storytelling, design and technology. The type of content that stands out in a sky filled with stars.

New corporate visual identity

We are immersed in a visual culture. Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. This is one of the reasons why we create visual, dynamic and interactive content. Therefore, to create memorable content, we begin by altering our own corporate visual identity. An identity adapted to trends and the way we consume content. An identity that makes progress by marking the path it travels.



The most neutral element of the Fugazzz universe. Designed to stand out and define a universe filled with shapes and colours. Created using a sans serif font, with straight, geometric lines, and a minimal contrast between the strokes and faded edges. The use of lower case letters is the differentiating feature that conveys approachability. A solid brand to be remembered.



We use a sans serif font family with a geometric touch for our most memorable content. Thanks to the countless variations, it enriches and gives life to our texts. The soft finish helps to create an approachable personality and also adds the dynamism that Fugazzz seeks.



The extensive colour palette we use helps to create the fresh, rich feel of our stories. By always following colour guidelines, our memorable illustrations boast a sense of continuity that is needed to shine in a sky filled with stars.



Organic shapes with geometric lines that break the rules of proportionality. Our most recognisable elements are spot colours, which are used with textures for rescaling, and subtle fades that paired with dynamic and contrasting lines. A Fugazzz image narrates and immerses you in a story. Each stroke should convey our philosophy: lively content that flourishes and remains in our mind, combining design, practicality and emotion in the blink of an eye.



The Fugazzz universe brings to life the illustrations, texts and other elements that comprise our designs. Subtle touches of animation make a static illustration shine and show that harmony can be highlighted through movement.

Fugazzz is the clearest example of what matters to us: playing with creativity, making an impact and being remembered through unforgettable stories.

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